Taxi Service


Taxi Service

Our services:

  1. Each car is equipped with a child seat (12 kg.).
  2. Each taxi integrated bank terminal, so you can pay not only in cash but also by credit card (VIZA; Master Card, etc.)
  3. We work 24/7.
  4. Contracts with companies.
  5. We can meet you at the airport, bus station and etc.
  6. Technical assistance on the road.
  7. Delivery of the car with the driver.
  8. We write invoices for the taxi service.
  9. Attractive price:

Boarding price: 0.70 €
Price for 1 km: 0.65 €

Call us:

+370 46 211 112
+370 610 21112

We wish you a good and enjoyable trip with a Voucher Bank taxi!